Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Lazy" Sundays

You know what has really changed since I became a mom? Lazy Sundays.

Before we became parents our lazy Sundays consisted of laying around the house in our PJ's, getting buried in a good book, watching countless movies, eating whatever happened to be in our fridge (or takeout), and taking the dogs to the puppy park at some point.

I kind of miss those Sundays! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my new role for anything in the world, but now my Sundays aren't so lazy.

For example, this past Sunday felt like a nice and lazy day to us, but compared to our old Sundays we were crazy busy! 

I made pizza dough for our supper, fresh buns to eat throughout the week (recipe coming!), prepared new baby food for Lilly (nectarines and pears are new this week! Along trying out some oatmeal, yummy), catching up on the mountain of dishes from the food prep, the never-ending laundry, going for a run with Chloe, moving down Lilly's crib mattress (sniffle, she is growing up!), and I can't even remember what else. But since I did most of it in my PJ's it still felt like a "lazy" Sunday!  

And don't even get me started on everything my husband got accomplished! Busy busy.

But we both got a nap in while Lilly had an afternoon nap so I consider it a lazy Sunday win! :)

I hope everyone else had a fabulous long weekend! Ours was both busy and relaxing which made it a perfect long weekend for us.


  1. Friend, I so hear you on the lazy Sunday thing! Our definition of a lazy day has totally changed as well :) And I know what you mean by missing them...I think it's totally ok to feel that way! I love my little girl to pieces and wouldn't change anything for the world...but I do totally miss our old life sometimes too :)

  2. oh!!! i miss lazy Sundays!! I love being a mom, but I sure loved those lazy days! I wish I had taken more advantage of them back in the day!