About Naked Cupcakes

Hi guys! I'm Hailey :)

Thanks for stopping by!

I am an novice baker / cook / blogger and very amateur photographer, who is apparently trying her hand at many new things at once! I love trying out new recipes in the kitchen, even when the outcome is a bit of a kitchen disaster.  Some of my favourite things to make for friends and families are definitely desserts, who can turn down a cute and tasty cupcake?

I love learning what I can about all aspects of baking and cooking. I graduated with a degree that is somewhat related to what I do in the 'real world' (Bachelor of Science - Specialization in Molecular Genetics), but my favourite courses these days are those that I am taking for fun in my spare time. So far I have taken (or am signed up for): Wilton Cake Decorating at Michaels, a fondant class at Whimsical Cake Studio, Decadent Chocolate and Truffles at NAIT, Beginner Sushi at NAIT, and who knows what else will pique my interest!

You may stumble across some random pictures of our dogs, Chloe and Banjo. We adopted both from the amazing rescue organization HART in 2011, and now my husband and I cannot imagine our lives without them!

I am also discovering a new love for taking pictures of the things around me, so be prepared to see some completely random posts on my site as well as I try to figure out all these buttons on my camera.

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