Friday, January 17, 2014

I bow down to single parents

...and it's only been two days :)

This is what happens when your husband is out of town for a couple days:

- You let your kid play on your phone unsupervised so you can put on some makeup and tame your bedhead before work

- You open your beautiful new purse at work and find two kids shoes, a sock, and a sippy cup. But not the snacks or lunch you meant to bring to work

- You deliver your kid to the dayhome, in the winter, without a toque or mitts (um, its warm, right?)

- You were up at 4:23 AM because there was no one else to push out of bed to get the kid when she started playing

- You showed up at work yesterday in a white shirt, with yogurt on it. You didn’t change because the yogurt was vanilla and that it is practically white anyways. Spend the rest of the day smelling like vanilla dessert

- Grilled cheese and soup is an acceptable supper, always. And lunch.

I’m sleepy
And hungry

All you single parents out there are my hero's!

Nap time?

Really, who doesn't love grilled cheese? Right?

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  1. Love it!!! I am like that after two hours with my twin nephews!! Just a hint- what do you want to eat? Cookies. How about chicken- No Cookies. How about (inset food)- No cookies. Okay Cookies it is! Signed- Aunt of the Year!

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  7. very cool ideas, I like to start the morning with a cup of coffee and a nice dessert

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  21. Single parents have it tough yes.

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