Monday, November 19, 2012

Baby Room Update

**In preparation for the arrival of our little one, I have prepped some posts in advance.  As soon as our lives have some semblance of order (hah!) I will get back to my regular posting and be able to respond to any questions/comments you may have :)

Setting up the nursery was a ton of fun, but also a bit of a challenge as we didn't want to know if we were having a little boy or a little girl!  While we were in Thailand last spring my husband came up with the idea to have a room with an Arctic Theme (Thailand plus snow totally makes sense, right?) and it sounded perfect for a winter baby!

Here are some pictures we took before the arrival of the little one.  The only things missing when I took these pictures are the curtains for the windows and the closets, as well as a little side table for the glider.  Other than that, this is pretty much the nursery!

We found the decals on Etsy and are in love with them.  They were so easy to put up, and whenever we decide we don't want them anymore all we need to do is peel them right off of the walls.  Perfect!

We kept the space above the crib clear of decals because we want to put up a canvas that contains all of the baby's info: name, date of birth, weight, etc.  I saw some really cute ideas on Pinterest and Etsy, so I will be ordering it very soon!

**We know that you cannot have bumpers on a crib with a newborn, or any toys in the crib either. But as the baby will be sleeping in a cradle in our room for the first little while, we decided to dress it up for now :)