Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Green Thumb?

So for a day or two last week, get this, it was SUNNY out! As in, not gloomy and rainy and cold and wet and miserable…. Sorry, I got caught up. It was actually sunny and fairly warm and dry! Amazing

So I took the opportunity to weed my poor flowerbeds and garden which have seen more rain in the past few weeks than our city probably encounters in the average year.  These things were intense! Apparently Alberta weeds love the rainy weather, my flowerbeds have never looked greener.

I should have taken a ‘before’ picture, but when I realized that I couldn’t see any dirt between my plants, I had to attack with a vengeance.

A couple hours and indefinite amount of mosquito bites later, here we are!

Not too shabby eh?

I know my garden is a little sad, but it is my first attempt at growing things that one can actually eat so it’s not that bad (right?).

I am so excited for my peas to be ready for eating. There is nothing better than fresh peas from the garden.

I also planted mixed lettuce (but Chloe ate all of those seeds), regular lettuce, spinach, and carrots. So not a huge variety but a pretty solid effort for a first attempt.

My lettuce is a little squished, Banjo insists on running through my flowerbeds and garden instead of taking the grassy routes, but I’m hoping it will still be tasty!

I have already learned a lot for my garden next year. I can’t wait to plant a larger variety of vegetables, and maybe expand my little herb garden as well. 

Here’s hoping the week is warm and sunny as well!