Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Kitty Cupcakes II

I made Hello Kitty cupcakes a year ago for a 1-year birthday party, and this year I was asked to do another set for another little girl's birthday! I will be a pro at drawing Hello Kitty faces before I know it :) I still have to google Hello Kitty images each time I need to make something like this, I am so out of the loop on what is 'in' for kids these days.  Rainbow Brite is still cool, right? No? huh.

I decided to stick with a white vanilla buttercream in order for the Hello Kitty faces and heart sprinkles to really stand out.  The cupcake wrappers were bright pink and I didn't want to overload everyone with too much 'pink'.

The birthday girl's aunt was kind enough to send me a picture of the cupcakes after they were set up!

For these cupcakes I was asked to make lemon cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes, two of my favourites! I love when people request flavours that John and I love, it makes it much easier to dispose of any that I might have left over.

The regular sized cupcakes were decorated with heart sprinkles and Hello Kitty faces; pink bows for the lemon and red bows for the strawberry. The mini cupcakes were decorated with some matching sprinkles (in a smaller size) and pink flowers. I love how the cupcakes looked when put all together!

An easy easy way to shape small flowers

I hope the birthday girl loved her cupcakes. These were so much fun to make!


  1. They look perfect & are so adorable. Lemon & strawberry sounds perfect- makes me think of warmer weather. Do you have a favorite buttercream recipe that you love?

  2. Ooh! I love your flower-shaping method!!

  3. I'm a Hello Kitty lover from WAY back in the day - I think your cupcakes turned out awesome!

  4. Those cupcakes are adorable! Where do you get those paper cupcake holders/containers?

  5. Hi Marci!
    My stand-by buttercream is: 1 cup butter, 1 tsp vanilla, 4 cups icing sugar, and 2 - 6 tbsp whipping cream. Cream together the butter and vanilla and add the icing sugar one cup at at time. Then beat in the whipping cream until the desired consistency is reached :) yum!

    Thank you so much Katrina, Trish and Lumico!

    Lumico - I found these pink cupcake liners at our local Safeway. They are great because they are foil lined, so they stay bright even when making chocolate cupcakes. (the brand is Reynolds)

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