Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

This past Sunday a beautiful little girl turned 1-year old! Her birthday party had a pink Hello Kitty theme which was a lot of fun to work with!

For the cupcakes I made Devil's Food Cupcakes, and Vanilla Cupcakes.  For the icing I made a vanilla buttercream and a tasty strawberry buttercream frosting.  The strawberries were so red and juicy, I didn't even need to use any food colouring to make the icing pink!

For the Hello Kitty shapes, I used a marshmallow fondant.  This was my first time making and working with marshmallow fondant, and it was really fun to work with!  I used Food Writer pens to colour on the faces, and I think they came together really well.

I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her cupcakes!


  1. the birthday girl LOVED her cupckaes!! you did an amazing job and we cant thank you enough!!! :)

  2. Thank you so much :)
    I am so happy that she loved her cupcakes! that is so awesome :D

  3. Where did you find a template for the hello kitty head? I'm making a hello kitty cake this week and can't seem to find one! Did you draw it free hand?

  4. Hi Susan! I actually used some cookie cutters that I found on amazon. You could also print off a picture onto thick paper and try using that as a template too :)