Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mini Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Yesterday I decided to make some mini cupcakes. The primary reason? I felt my mini muffin pans were getting left out lately and as a result they needed some love.

Plus, who doesn't like mini cupcakes? You can eat 4 in a row, and not even feel guilty because they are 'mini'!

I used Martha's Mint Chocolate Cupcake recipe for these cupcakes, but made some changes based on what I had in my house.  I used vanilla extract instead of mint (also, I just wanted some tasty classic chocolate cupcakes sans mint), 1 cup of plain yogurt instead of buttermilk (I had an abundance of yogurt, and a lack of buttermilk in the fridge), and olive oil instead of vegetable oil (again, due to a lack of an ingredient in my pantry). 

Despite the changes, these were wonderful!  I actually think I will stick with the yogurt instead of the buttermilk because they had the perfect cupcake texture. The recipe makes about 18 regular cupcakes, and I made about 6 dozen mini cupcakes with it.

I topped these with a simple vanilla buttercream, and then decorated them with heart sprinkles, sanding sugar, and cinnamon hearts :)

2 dozen of this were sent home with my sister, 2 dozen were brought to work, and the remaining 2 dozen? Those are disappearing very quickly from my counter!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine's Day on Monday!

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