Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Lobster Boil!

A couple weeks ago we were invited to our very first Lobster Boil!  We had only attempted to attack a whole lobster once before, and while it was a lot of fun, I think we had massacred the lobster more than we got to actually eat the poor things.  As a result we were really looking forward to learning the 'correct' way to enjoy a full lobster and get to see some friends that we hadn't seen in a while.

The set-up was impressive! There were two large coolers full of lobsters, I couldn't believe it. It was quite a sight for us newbies.

They had a massive pot set up and were able to cook half of the lobsters at a time. I think they had over 15 lobsters in that pot. The cook was a pro and before we knew it we each had a massive steaming lobster on our plate staring at us.

The guy who did the cooking was absolutely amazing, he taught all of us the proper way to pull off the tail, remove the claws, get into the legs, and everything in between. We had an absolute blast learning how to get into our lobsters and enjoy the amazing and fresh meat that was waiting for us.

We are nowhere near professionals, but at least we have a basic understanding of what to do if we are faced with a lobster again :)

The lobster was absolutely delicious as well, I cannot wait until we have another opportunity to enjoy it this way.

We were so happy to be invited and had such a wonderful time.  Everyone was so much fun to meet, and the fact that we were able to learn something and have a blast while doing it was awesome!

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