Thursday, March 31, 2011

PW/MM Sandwich

I had tried this recipe from about a month ago, and we loved it! 

When I saw it in my iPhoto and realized that I hadn't posted this insanely delicious sandwich, I new I had to get it on here right away.

This is so easy to make! I just used a steak that we had in the fridge and some bell peppers that were on their last days.  All I had to do was half the original recipe, and we had a delicious supper ready in no time!

I made this based on what I had in the house but kept really close to the recipe: regular steak instead of cube steak, and I used smaller whole wheat buns. I definitely recommend following the recipe as closely as possible, it is perfect!

Definitely make this next time you need a quick and tasty supper :) You can find the recipe both on her own site, and on!


  1. Wow, that looks incredibly tasty. Do you griddle the bun? The bun's huge so it looks like it could use some some grease from the pan, haha!

    I love making leftover of my favourites is to take Chinese BBQ pork, stir fry it a bit, toss it in a bun with sliced tomatoes, whatever cheese is available and mayonaise. Sounds gross but actually tastes good.

  2. Hey Peter!
    It was an incredibly tasty sandwich :) I grilled the bun right before stacking it, delicious!

    That actually sounds delicious, i love Chinese BBQ pork, mmm

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