Monday, March 28, 2011

Strawberry Dessert for Two (AKA What to do with a remaining layer of cake!)

Last week I made a delicious Strawberry Lemon Cake in an attempt to create a feeling of 'spring' in my house. 

After the cake was assembled, (by splitting 3 layers of cake lengthwise, and then alternating the different layers) I had one layer of strawberry cake leftover.  

This 6" round strawberry cake couldn't go do waste! Instead, I created a quick dessert for John and I to enjoy together after our dinner.

I used a rose tip to create some quick flowers in lemon buttercream, and then added some slices of fresh strawberries.

This was the perfect quick and fresh-tasting dessert. It wasn't overly sweet, or too heavy.

No cake should ever be left behind :)


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