Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Pups - We miss them!

We are still galavanting around overseas, but we will be heading home soon! I promise to get back to you as soon as I have some reliable internet :) Which may very likely be when we get home!

Oh the pups! How we miss you! 

This sure is a long time to be away from them; we haven't gotten our daily dose of dog cuddles (aka smothering the poor dogs) for two whole weeks now! We are lucky enough to have a family member staying at our place so they didn't have to go to a kennel, but that doesn't make us miss them any less :)

Watch out Chloe and Banjo! We are attacking you as soon as we walk in on Sunday! And I'm sure you will be underfoot as I get back to cooking and baking, just like normal :)

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