Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Shopper's Birthday Cake

Hello! I'm still here, I promise! We are gearing up for our big trip next week, but no worries, I have still been cooking and baking up a storm! Now all I need is some time to get to work to share all of these delicious things with you :)

This is the third pink cake that I made in as many weeks back in January, which lead to the creation of this orange-yellow ombre cake in order to introduce some colour variation into my desserts. I still love that cake!

I made this cake for a friend's mom's birthday (whew) and it was a monster! At 12 inches across I think I grunted every time I tried to lift this sucker up.  How do people carry around 4-tier wedding cakes? Those must weight a ton!

The cake itself was a tasty lemon cake with vanilla buttercream filling.  I covered the entire thing with pink fondant, and then listed some of the birthday girl's favourite items along the bottom of the cake.

My favourite part of this cake is the little clutch I made to go on top! I baked a 6" round cake and then cut it down to size. It was iced to get the shape I wanted, and then chilled before I covered it in fondant.  When I was ready to make the clutch, I covered the whole cake in black fondant (since it was a small cake, I was able to cover it with one piece. If it was any taller I would have had to use several pieces of fondant). 

Next I attacked it with a quilting tool, made the flap with white fondant, and then finished it all off with some silver dragees. Voila! A cute black clutch, perfect for someone who loves purses!

I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her clutch and cake!


  1. I am loving the personal touch on this cake. It is a great gift that brings a warm smile to the face and the heart.