Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sawatdi! Selamat tinggal! Farewell!

At least for a few weeks :)

That's right! We are taking off yet again. We just cannot seem to stay in one place! You would think that after a trip to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, then off to Paris, followed by a trip to San Diego, then a jaunt over to the UK (all of that was in 2011 too, and don't get me started on all of the trips in 2010!) that I would be looking for a chance to stay home for a bit. 

Riviera Maya, Mexico - January 2011

(Side note: I just realized that I never shared the pictures from the trip to the UK that my Aunt and I took together last fall! I will be sure to have those up for you for next week :D )

But nope, not a chance! My sister-in-law has been teaching English in Hong Kong for the last year with her boyfriend, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go visit her and see some of what Asia has to offer.

Paris, France - March 2011

So tomorrow we are heading out to Hong Kong, then off to tour a bit of Indonesia, followed by a stay in Thailand. We cannot wait! The ability to visit some of these countries is really a chance in a lifetime and we still cannot believe how lucky we are to be able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

San Diego, California - August 2011

I haven't forgotten about you though! I will have some posts scheduled to help keep you eating delicious food, and I may even have a guest-post up my sleeve! Ooooh ho ho! Yup, my first ever guest-post. This is a big month people!

England and Scotland - October 2011

If we have internet access, I will try to post some pictures along the way. I plan on eating my face off at every opportunity and if I can I will share every amazing dish with you!

Thank you for being amazing and sticking with me through all of my sporadic trips (which result in random posting when I'm gone).

One thing I know for sure, I am going to miss these guys!! 



How are we supposed to leave these adorable faces??

I'll be back soon! I'm off to shovel fresh seafood and amazing curry in my face :)


  1. Hailey and JD have a blast!! I am enjoying the hot weather down here, and I will be thinking of you! Enjoy it while you can, I am so glad you got this opportunity! I love you and stay safe!