Tuesday, August 16, 2011

San Diego - Beaches, Fish Tacos, and Bevies!

Last Sunday Amy was an amazing host and took me around to experience the best that San Diego had to offer.

We started the day with a trip to OB (that's 'Ocean Beach' to the tourists) (yes, I'm practically a local) which was unbelievable. There is nothing like some time spent laying in the sun and listening to the ocean to recharge and relax.

After some quality beach-bum time we checked out a nearby restaurant recommended by Amanda and had some amazing fish tacos.  I now know why San Diego is known for their fish tacos! These were delicious! I'm hooked.

We had also tried fish tacos the night before at the pool restaurant by the San Diego Convention Center. They were good, but $14 good?

And yet the ones we had on the beach cost us $6 and were AMAZING! Lesson learnt, go with the locals, not the tourists!

Our fish taco experience was followed by ice cream in fresh waffle cones. Heaven.  If that isn't a fabulous way to spend a day in San Diego, then I don't know what is!

Thank you again Amy for being such an awesome host! I am so lucky to have made such a great friend through the wonderful world of food bloggers :)

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  1. I only live 2hrs away from SD and I never go there! I must go soon! Gotta love So Cal :)