Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Peace' Cupcakes and an Unbirthday Cake

Every year one of my girlfriends and a group of people she grew up with have a weekend get-together at her cabin.  I guess it has become a bit of a tradition for her to make these 'Peace' cupcakes by icing vanilla cupcakes with half chocolate and half vanilla icing.  She thought it would be fun to get them 'professionally' made (very loose use of the word!!) this year to mix it up!

Also, I guess the weekend usually falls on/around her friend Neil's birthday, but sadly, not this year. From what I have been told he was pretty bummed that there would be no birthday celebration for him!  So I was also asked to bake an 'unbirthday' cake for Neil to help him feel better :)

I love when people ask me to make different desserts, their unique ideas definitely force me to get creative!

The 'Peace' cupcakes came with very specific guidelines: A vanilla cupcake that was iced in half chocolate icing and half vanilla icing.  I originally had visions of two-toned swirls of icing but I was informed that they were not to be swirled.  Who am I to mess with tradition? Flat icing it is!

For the cake I had free rein. The only request was for a message that made it clear it was in fact not a birthday party for poor Neil.  I baked a 3-layer 6" vanilla chocolate chip cake and filled it with chocolate icing. I then iced it with a classic vanilla buttercream.  The 6" cake seemed like a pretty small canvas for such a long message so I used fondant and wrote on it with food-safe markers.

I had so much fun with these cupcakes and the cake! I hope they had a blast on their weekend :)

**You may have noticed that more and more of my pictures are being taken with my iPhone and not my camera lately.  You can't help but love the convenience of the iPhone!

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