Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BlogHer '11 - An Amazing Weekend

Yesterday I came home from the most amazing weekend in sunny San Diego.  I had flown down last Thursday to attend BlogHer '11, my first ever blogging conference.

My trip started out on an awesome note when I was picked up by Amy of Do You Know the Muffin Pan? and her boyfriend at the airport. After three flights from Edmonton, Alberta to San Diego, California, friendly faces were a welcome sight! Not only were they kind enough to pick me up, I was booked in at their place all weekend! They are some of the nicest and most genuine people I have met, it was a privilege to get to spend my weekend with them.

Amy and I at the conference, as you can tell we're pretty much famous

Though the sessions that we attended were great, what sticks out most in my mind are the people that I had the honour to meet and everything that I had the opportunity to experience!

I got to know Amy as we explored the unknown world that is the BlogHer conference together.  I am so lucky to have been able to work my way through this new experience with such a wonderful friend!  We had such a fun time together, and she was also kind enough to show me the best parts of San Diego on Sunday (fish tacos and the beach! Best. Day. Ever.)

Amy, The Sun, and I

The people we met were just wonderful.  Laura of Hey What's for Dinner Mom?, Kathy of Panini Happy, Lisa of The Gonzo Gourmet, Amanda of What We're Eating and Food Porn Daily, and so many more stick out in my mind.  We also got to listen to the insanely talented Penny de los Santos (website) at a photography session, and I played paparazzi as Amy learned to cook from the great Marco Pierre White himself!

Amy, Penny, and I

Chef Marco. He mentored Gordon Ramsay, no big deal

Friday night we were invited on a yacht ride around the bay by Dove Chocolate where we were welcomed by amazing hostesses, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and free flowing beverages. It was a great start to the evening!  The yacht ride was beautiful, and we even had our own 'private' fireworks show as we were heading back to the convention centre. After the yacht ride we danced our buns off at the Sparklecorn party, a perfect ending to a fantastic day.

Saturday was another great day as we checked out the expo again (so much swag, it was insane), attended an extremely helpful food photography and styling session hosted by Hillshire Farm, checked out the pool, and then had a blast at the Social Fiesta and Cheeseburgher.

If that isn't a fabulous conference, I don't know what is.  I cannot thank everyone enough who showed us so much kindness!

I think that the most important thing that I can take away from the BlogHer experience was how amazing and supportive the blogging community can be.  I am so lucky to be a part of it all.  Oh, and I learned to try and not get sucked into all of the free swag. oh dear

As informative as the sessions that we attended were, by far the best parts were the times outside of those sessions.  Cooking experiences at the expo, the amazing Dove Yacht Cruise, and all of the people we randomly met in the hallways and in the Sails Pavilion for our meals.

Amy, Lisa, and Kathy - Risotto Pros!

I loved every minute of this last weekend, and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to do it all over again! BlogHer Food 2012 anyone?

** All photos were taken with my iPhone, so some are a bit fuzzy.  I couldn't bring myself to carry around my heavy camera all weekend :)


  1. LoVE this! You girls are just too fun and I sincerely hope we can all do this together next year. :)

  2. Hey Kristin!
    That would be awesome if we could all get together!! We will need to keep in touch as the next events come up :)