Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

This past July I was asked to bake up about 100 cupcakes and a mini 2-tier cake for a summer wedding.

The bride requested vanilla cupcakes with a classic vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and topped with some flaked coconut.  Simple and beautiful!

For the cake they asked for a small two-tiered cake to top their cupcake tower and for the bride and groom to cut for the pictures.  Instead of a vanilla cake they asked for something a little bit different. When I was going through popular cake and cupcake flavours the groom's eyes lit up at 'strawberry', so strawberry it is!

The cake was iced in vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and then covered with flaked coconut.  The base is a 6" square and the top tier is a 4" square.  In order to make the top tier I baked the cake in a standard loaf pan, and then cut it in half. Voila, two 4" squares!

I made a green bow for the top of the cake at their request, it was my first attempt at making a bow!  The evening before the wedding they asked if I could add a pearl or diamond to the bow, so I rolled some fondant and then painted it with luster dust mixed with lemon juice to give it a pearl-like shine.

I love how this cake turned out!  The mini-tier is such a fun idea and the flaked coconut gave it such a fantastic finish.

I hope the bride and groom enjoyed the cupcakes and cake!

Unfortunately the dessert table wasn't ready for me when I dropped off the desserts so I don't have a final photo. If I get a hold of one I'll post it asap! :)

How do you keep 100 cupcakes fresh overnight? Saran wrap the table!


  1. I'm so impressed! You have so much talent for these things!

  2. looks beautiful and delicious!

  3. Thank you so much Amy and Alex!

  4. Great IDEA!! Cant wait to see the finished cake assembled ;) I wanna do a small two tiered cake for pics and cupcakes is perfect then you dont need anyone to cut cake and less mess!!!! Very Sheek and modern!!

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