Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Fun!

We are now closing in on our 23rd week, how crazy is that? I still cannot believe we are 5 months in, with only 4 to go until our little one makes an appearance!

My husband has been working his butt off getting the nursery up and ready for our baby :) He has gutted the room across the hall from ours and has been mudding, sanding, ripping up carpet, painting, and laying new floor whenever he has a spare moment over the last few weeks.  How spoiled am I to have such a great guy?

We decided to go with a light blue and cream for the walls since we are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise.  We will be putting white moulding along the middle of the wall to separate the two colours and to keep everything nice and bright.

For the floor we went with cork flooring! It is really nice to walk on, stays relatively warm, and is much cleaner than carpets (especially with two large dogs!).  We have decided to put the same stuff down in our bedroom too so I am glad to see how nice it looks!

Here is the hard worker!

After we get the baseboards and moulding up we can pick up our crib and dresser/change table, yay! After we start to get it decorated (can you guess what theme we are going to go with?) I will post some new pictures.

Oh! And here I am at 22 weeks, still growing and feeling great!

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