Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The baby has a sweet tooth!

Today as I was browsing for some dinner ideas for tonight (on my lunch break, of course…) I came to a realization:

I haven’t really cooked much at all during my second trimester! I have baked up a storm for sure, but I haven’t done much cooking! I didn’t think that I had cravings that bad, but apparently my body just wants something sweet these days!

A prime example is one day last week when my husband came home from work. Usually I have supper ready around when he walks in (good timing on his part really), but that day I this is what was coming out of the oven:

Peach Cobbler and Cinnamon buns. That was our supper.

Not that he complained though. He’s too smart to complain about this type of dinner.

And the next night when I could have whipped up something easy and light to off-set our sugar-laden dinner of the night before?

Cheesecake was cooling on the stove-top.

And today, when my husband suggested “hey babe, maybe we can make fish tacos tonight! it’s been forever since we had those”

This is what I sent to him at work asking for his thoughts instead: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-caramel-banana-cake-28969.  Yup, the most amazing looking caramel banana cake.  Which I now have in the oven and the smell is making my mouth water!!

And as if we need any more proof, the 8 of my last 10 posts have been desserts. Not a salad, chicken breast, or stir-fry in sight. 

I used to keep the dessert/meal balance fairly consistent on my blog, oops.  But now looks like I have been tilting the scales (both literally and figuratively) in the favour of something sweet!

But since I haven’t heard any complaints from yourselves (or my husband for that matter), I think I am just going to continue on this path. Who am I to deny my future baby of what it clearly seems to want?  Yup, Banana Caramel Cake.  Hey, it has banana’s in it!

Ooh! And maybe some doughnuts…I just saw a recipe for pumpkin spice doughnuts on pinterest and can’t get them out of my head either. See? Bananas and pumpkin, I'm all about the fruits and veggies these days people.

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