Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weddings Galore!

Despite the noticeable decrease in activity on this ol' blog of mine, I have been keeping quite busy in the kitchen this summer.  It seems like almost every weekend I end up with some sort of event or party to bake for. There have been a ton of weddings, showers (wedding and baby), stagettes, birthdays, etc etc that I have been whipping up something sweet for over the last few months. It has been a blast!

Cupcakes still seem to be a huge hit for weddings, so my cupcake pans and stand mixers have been getting quite the workout! At the end of this month I will have my biggest challenge yet, a 2 (or 3 maybe!) tier cake AND cupcakes for up to 400 guests! Oh dear, wish me luck! I think my stand mixers might to into hiding when they find that one out.

Remember when I made those Oreo cupcakes and tried out a variety of ways to decorate them? That was in preparation for this wedding:

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with an Oreo hidden inside each one!

I also made a small cake for the top of the cupcake stand for the bride and groom to cut for their pictures.  The cake had their brand on the front, and a little bit of barbed wire to go with their country theme.

I also made some chocolate cupcakes for another country-themed wedding. I haven't seen any pictures of the completed dessert table, but here are the chocolate cupcakes I made with some tasty chocolate buttercream on top! Yum!

I also made a topper for the cupcake that the bride and groom were going to share for their pictures.  I was told they were using gingham and burlap to decorate so I made the topper out of red fondant and burlap.

The next batch of cupcakes that I have for an upcoming wedding are to be chocolate and vanilla, but for a Fall theme. I cannot wait to get started on those!


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