Thursday, September 6, 2012

August in Pictures

This August was a pretty fantastic month! Here is an iPhone summary to give you a small taste of how fabulous it really was :)

Banana Caramel Cake - I still dream about this cake 

Baby room reno's are coming along!

Same with our room! Walls are painted, flooring is in, furniture has arrived, and bedding is on! Now to put up the pictures, decals, and find myself some fun white and yellow pillows. Oh, and curtains!

Pups worn out after a run in the dog park :)

The hubby and I all dressed up for a friend's wedding!

The cake and cupcakes I made for the happy couple

My friends and I with the GORGEOUS bride!

Amy came to Canada! And ate Poutine!

One of my favourite meals to whip up.  Definitely enjoyed this with Amy and the millionth viewing of The Hunger Games :)

Amy enjoying a bulldog on Whyte, like a true Edmontonian

Puppies fighting imminent nap attacks after the puppy park

World's best poutine at BVJ!

Oreo cupcakes for a summer BBQ

It was my sister's birthday!

Oh dear, soon I won't be able to see my feet

Finished with beautiful weekend in Jasper! 
(wait, that was in September, oops!)


  1. You look great Hailey! I hope you are feeling fantastic!!

  2. Looks like a busy and fun filled month to me!!! I love it. I am always sad when winter comes because I tend to hibernate then. :)