Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jasper Fun! Jasper Fun!

Yesterday we got back from showing our San Diego guest the beautiful Canadian Rockies! We spent four days with a group of friends trekking around Jasper National Park and enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of this gorgeous park.

Our home away from home for the long weekend!

Not to shabby eh?

We stayed in these super cute cabins along the river that were also right by town, so we ended up in an awesome location to be hardcore tourists.  

Amy and John at Maligne Canyon

Heather and Finn after a dip in the hot springs

First we checked out the Miette Hot Springs (gorgeous!) and then hiked along Maligne Canyon to see the beautiful waterfalls and scenery on Saturday.

Maligne Canyon

The boys being rebels at some falls along the road

I can never get over how gorgeous this part of Canada really is. The mountains are by far one of our favourite places to visit.

Saturday was also my friend Heather's birthday! Woot!

Heather (the birthday girl!) and I at Athabasca Falls

So Amy and I made her some Vegan Cookies 'n' Cream cupcakes to celebrate (what is more fun than two foodies baking together, right?). Yum!

The next day we really went on an adventure. First we visited Athabasca falls where Amy and our friend Lacey decided to take on the FREEZING water! Crazy! The water they crossed actually feeds into the beautiful Athabasca falls (good thing no-one fell :D ), how gorgeous is this?

Look at them go! That water was freezing!

They made it back alive! whew

Athabasca falls

Then we took a drive through the mountains and ended up at the Columbia Ice Fields where you can learn about glaciers and even take a walk on one! This glacier is constantly moving and you can see how far it has moved over the years; pretty impressive.  It was fairly chilly (considering we were surrounded by snow and ice) but Amy dealt with the weather like a trooper.  I think the very patriotic mittens helped :)

Yup, that is snow and ice on the September long weekend

We spent our evenings walking around the town of Jasper and seeing what it had to offer for eats and souvenirs.  

I was sad to head home Monday morning, but we had an absolute blast.  If you are ever up visiting in Canada, definitely check out our beautiful rockies.  The amazing scenery, crisp clean air, and opportunities for adventure are second to none!

Not to mention some of the friends we made along the way :)

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