Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunflower Cupcakes

I recently bought a new book on cupcakes, Hello, Cupcake!, that has some amazing ideas for ways to dress up your naked cupcakes. These sunflowers are so cute, and perfect for the beautiful sunny weather we are having right now.

They are actually quite east to make too! The best part of the book is that they don't require you to buy any fancy icing tips or other supplies can only be found at specialty stores.

To make these sunflowers, all you need is oreos, vanilla icing, ziploc bags, scotch tape, and icing dyes/food clouring.  

First dye a portion of the vanilla icing green and then cover each cupcake in the green icing.  Next, press the oreos randomly into each cupcake top.

Dye a portion of the icing yellow, and another portion orange.  Place each icing in a ziploc bag (side by side) and press out all air, then seal the ziploc.  

Reinforce one corner of the bag with scotch tape, and then cut a 'V' into the corner.  Then all you need to do is put a layer of petals onto each cookie, and before you know it you have beautiful sunflowers!

Now you have a whole bouquet of beautiful sunflowers to enjoy after a great summer meal.

I hope you are having an amazing summer!

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