Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating - Level 1, Flowers!

Yesterday I had my third Level 1 class at Michael's, and we tackled some flowers!  It was actually a lot of fun, and I love the way they dress up a cupcake.  The icing colors aren't prime, but they worked for practicing purposes!

We used almost every tip that came in our beginners cake in this class; it was amazing to see how much we have learned already!

I don't have pictures of the first few we tried in class (simple flowers and rosettes), or of the shell borders, but these are an idea of what we have learnt so far.

The first large flower we tackled was the 'pompom flower'. It is really cute, and I think the techniques for this flower can be applied in so many fun ways!

The second large flower was the 'shaggy mum'.  I am not quite sure what kind of flower that really is, but it was super fun to make! And the techniques for this flower can be applied to making animals, grass, hair on characters, and so much more!

Next week is our final class, and we get to apply all that we have learned so far to a final project - a fully decorated cake! I have no idea what I am going to make yet, so I am currently on the search for some inspiration.

This class has been so much fun, and I have learned so many new techniques.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know the basics of cake decorating.

Between classes, I have also been practicing the first few techniques we had learned. Slowly but surely I am figuring this decorating thing out!

Half of the batch I had a layer of icing on top of the cupcake, and the second half didn't because both my fiance and I prefer our cupcakes with very little icing.


  1. Thanks for posting those pictures! I will have my #3 class of course 1 tomorrow. Today I'm getting together all the icing and baking cupcakes. Fortunately will have some company helping to eat them this weekend!

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