Thursday, February 23, 2012

NAIT Chocolate Class

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wasn't busy enough already and signed myself up for a chocolate class at NAIT.  In this class we covered how to temper chocolate, make chocolate truffles, work with modelling chocolate, make chocolate transfers, make various fillings for chocolate truffles, dress up tuxedo strawberries, and so much more! 

One thing I quickly learned: chocolate is a whole different game in the dessert world! I thought I would be able to transfer more of my prior experiences to what we did in class, but it was a huge learning experience from the start.  That being said, this class was an absolute blast.  The time flew by (even though each day was 4 hours on our feet after a full day of work) and now I want to learn even more about the art that is chocolate!

Here are a couple examples of what we were able to take home by the end of the three days.

Chocolate truffles. I made truffles that contained a hazelnut filling and were coated in dark chocolate. These were so delicious!

Other people made truffles filled with milk chocolate, a grand marnier filling, butter caramel filling (this was to die for!), mocha filling, and almond rochers.

We also tried our hands at rolling truffles. These didn't come out as smooth as those truffles made in the chocolate molds, but they were just as delicious!

There were also the chocolate roses made with modelling chocolate; so fun to make!

And our super cute tuxedo strawberries! We had a lot of fun with these.

The best part of course was being able to take all of these home and share them with our friends and family.  I am signed up for another class at NAIT soon and I cannot wait! These were amazing :)