Monday, February 6, 2012

Strawberry Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream

It is no secret that Strawberry Cupcakes rock my life. I seem to use this recipe whenever I can, and people request it about as often as I get requests for the standard vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

There is just something delicious about pairing a sweet and tasty cupcake with the amazing flavour of fresh strawberries. My mouth is totally watering right now.

Last weekend we went on a roadtrip to visit some friends.  One of the last times we had driven down for a visit I brought this cake, and my girlfriend may have mentioned once or twice that she still dreams about it. (Thanks buddy!!)

Since it isn't always easy to package up a cake and drive 3 hours with it (and 2 dogs) in the back seat, I decided to take the flavours and make some cupcakes instead.  Easier transport, and easier snacking too.

I halved the Strawberry Cupcake recipe so that I only had 18 cupcakes (and not 36).  After the cupcakes cooled I cut out a cone from the top of each and filled them up with strawberry buttercream.

The cupcakes were then finished off with a swirl of lemon buttercream and a slice of fresh strawberry. Yum!

Sweet and tasty! These would be perfect for your Valentine if you are still looking for a delicious treat :)