Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ultimate Christmas Cupcakes

This past weekend I had 3 orders of cupcakes for friends, in addition to preparing my own treats for two Christmas parties! So it was a busy weekend for baking, and I loved every single minute of it.

One of my girlfriends requested some cupcakes that were 'everything Christmas!' for a kid's Christmas party.  This was so exciting, I couldn't wait to cram as much Christmas joy in a cupcake as I possibly could!

I started with my favourite Vanilla Cupcake recipe, and then split the batter between three bowls. One bowl was dyed red, the second bowl was dyed green, and then the third bowl was left white.  I then dropped the different colours of batter by small spoonfuls into each baking cup until they were full of the three colours.

After the cupcakes were done baking, I was so happy with the results! The colours were wonderfully vibrant, and screamed 'Christmas'!

To decorate the cupcakes, I stuck with a white vanilla buttercream so that I could use the awesome Christmas sprinkles that I have.  I topped each cupcake with both my mini gingerbread men sprinkles, and red & green jimmies.

When I was all done, I stepped back and couldn't stop smiling. These cupcakes definitely fit the requirements.

I hope the kids enjoyed eating the cupcakes as much as I enjoyed making them :)

Merry Christmas!


  1. These are simply adorable! I would never think to tie-dye them that way. Great idea!

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  2. Thanks for the kind words, Hailey. I need those right now. Also, lovely looking cupcakes!

  3. Thank you so much Rachel :)

    I hope your week is picking up Amy :)

  4. I stumbled upon this a few days ago and decided to make them for my sons school party. Im so glad I did, they are amazing!

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