Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, to me!

That's right! Today I turn the big 2-6!  

I can't believe what a busy year this has been: we had our amazing wedding, I ventured out into the blogging world, I learned a ton of new things in the kitchen (and have many more to learn!), we got our puppy, and so much more!

This past weekend we celebrated with some friends, and I had the best surprise of all, my husband made me a birthday cake! And not just any birthday cake, he made a tilted, tiered birthday cake!

For someone who had never decorated a cake before, he sure pulled out all the stops.  The bottom layer was cut on an angle and then covered in fondant. He then used a quilting tool and finished it off with silver sugar beads.

The top layer was baked in 6" round pans, and then cut into a heart shape :)

Then he stacked everything together, and voila! An amazing wedding cake!  It took centre stage on the dessert table.

I can't believe what an amazing job he did! It looks like I will need to take cake decorating tips from him soon :)

Thank you John! The cake is so awesome, it made a wonderful day perfect!


  1. Um...WOW! That cake is amazing! Go John! I'm so impressed and salivating over his decorating skills (of which I have zero). Happy Birthday friend!! Hope it's a great one :)

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