Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first fondant cake!

Like I was saying yesterday, this past weekend I attempted to cover a couple different cakes (of different shapes and sizes) with marshmallow fondant.  This was an adventure for sure!

First of all, marshmallow fondant is pretty simple to make, but it's not easy at the same time. I thought I was pretty proficient when it came to kneading things, but this was a whole new level of work in the kitchen. It was totally worth it though, it tasted much better than the store-bought stuff!

This was the first cake that I covered, and I think it went alright! It was a simple chocolate cake (using the delicious chocolate cake recipe from the Black Forest Cake I had made in February, but halved) covered with vanilla buttercream. 

I used the 'quilting tool' that I had randomly picked up at Michael's, and encountered another learning curve for the day! I eventually figured it out, but my first few 'stitches' were pretty, um, unique.

I finished it off with a couple little flowers, and voila! My first cake covered in fondant :)

It was a very exciting day. The cake was delicious too!

The other two cakes we covered are still 'works in progress', but when I have a finished product I will definitely put them up for your entertainment :)