Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lots to come!

I realize that things have been pretty sporadic around here, 1 post a week for a couple weeks, then 5 posts in a row, and then nothing again for almost a week, oh dear! I don't have any excuses, things have just been busy, good, but busy :) 

First we got this goober, who pretty much is the centre of our free time, and not-so-free time (how do they take over your life so quickly? In a good way of course!).

Then I was away for work for over a week in Paris. No complaints here!

And since I have been back I have been working on the puppy/baking/blogging/wife/life balance. :)

I had just started to get a routine figured out, and then Chloe decided to demolish my lap-top cord. It's a good thing she's cute!

So I have been lap-top-less since the weekend. It is so strange! I finally caved and am now using my husbands desktop, poor guy won't know what to do when he realizes his iPhoto is full of food!

But I promise I have lots of goodies for you!

I baked up one of these

I made some of these for a bake sale

and some of this for lunch one day

I also whipped up a batch of these for a birthday

and made some of these as an 'eat on the run' breakfast

oh, and I made one of these for another birthday

I can't show you this one quite yet, but soon!

So there is lots to come :)  Thank you for sticking with me during this new phase of my life! I will get it all figured out, eventually, right?


  1. No apologies necessary for your sporadic posts, Hailey. Your life first, then blogging.;) Looking forward to recipes for these, especially those chocolate lace cookies!

  2. Such a yummy array of treats. :)

  3. Thank you so much Kay! :)

    and thank you Briarrose!