Friday, May 6, 2011

Baptism Cupcakes and Cake!

I finally did it. I tackled one if the most delicious but intimidating icings out there.

I made a wonderful, delicious, fluffy, glossy Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream! And let me tell you, this buttercream is life changing.

But first, back to the cupcakes and cake!

Last weekend I was asked to make 4 dozen cupcakes and a stacked cake for a baptism. The request was for "flowers and spring" which I think is a perfect theme for a beautiful little girl's baptism!

For the cupcakes I made two dozen blueberry cupcakes because I feel that fruit + dessert = spring! The other two dozen cupcakes were rich chocolate cupcakes, yum!

I then topped the cupcakes with my new favorite icing, and then some cute fondant flowers that matched the colors of the cake :)

For the cake, a small stacked cake was ordered. I was so excited to come up with a plan for the cake, almost forgetting that I have never stacked a cake before! A couple of episodes of Cake Boss later, and I felt like a pro who could definitely take on a two tier cake.

The bottom tier was a 8" vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream filling. The top tier was a 6" chocolate cake also with the raspberry buttercream to tie it all together.

Not only was stacking a cake a new and exciting undertaking, but I had also decided to cover the whole thing with fondant. I have almost no experience with covering cakes with fondant, I must have really felt confident after all of that time watching Food Network and TLC! :)

It turned out awesome! The tiers were covered with fondant and then decorated with bright flowers for spring!

I had so much fun and was given the opportunity to try so many new things for these desserts!

I will include my experience with Swiss meringue buttercream icing next post :) That accomplishment deserves some extra attention.

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  1. Wow Hailey! You are a rock star! You did an amazing job and are making me very hungry for dessert. Can't wait to read the buttercream write up :)

  2. Oh my gosh Hailey, I thought I would have to have a cupcake intervention on Mila's baptism. I couldn't stop eating hte cupcakes because the icing was soooooo amazing! Sweet, but not too sweet and soooo good. And the real blueberries inside were amazing too...definately the best tasting cupcakes (not to mention so cute) i've ever had.

  3. thank you so much Rachel! the buttercream is so amazing, i'm warning you in advance! :)

    I am so glad you loved the icing! I saw the picture of Mila eating one, that is so awesome! thank you for the kind words! :)