Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Cakes

Only four more weeks until Halloween! So it’s definitely not too soon to post Halloween-related treats, right?

I was in a decorating kind of mood the other day, so I whipped up some small 6” cakes to decorate for the sheer fun of it. 

I wanted to practice working with fondant and give ganache a try. I have seen a few cakes with the ‘drippy’ ganache look and it seemed perfect for Halloween.

The tall cake is alternating layers of vanilla bean cake (dyed orange) and chocolate cake.  The short cake is all chocolate cake. 

Each cake was dirty iced in classic buttercream and then covered with fondant.  While the cakes were baking and chilling, I made these cute little pumpkins out of fondant. I love these little pumpkins!

I then slowly poured and spread out the ganache on each cake, mine was so thick! I was so afraid that it would be a runny mess, and it turned out quite the opposite and I had to work at it to get it to ‘drip’ down the sides.

The tall cake was finished off with the little pumpkins, and the short cake received a sprinkling of Halloween sprinkles.

And all done! These looked so festive and fun on my kitchen table :)

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