Saturday, September 4, 2010

Elmo and Grover (-ish)

Since the vegan chocolate cupcakes were for two little boys, I decided to try and create some sesame park cupcakes out of them.  I have never tried to make anything like this before, so it was completely new territory for me! I chose Elmo and Grover because they are two of the classic characters, and I think they are pretty awesome.

As I was decorating these cupcakes I kept hoping and hoping that they would resemble the two popular characters when they were finished.  For my first try, I think they came out alright!  Already I am coming up with ways to improve on them, and I can't wait to try and make Cookie Monster cupcakes, and Oscar the Grouch too!

Next time I make these I think I will try using rolled balls of white fondant for the eyes to make them larger.  Then they will stand out more, and look even more like original sesame street characters!  

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