Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating - Level 1, Final Cake

This past Monday I had my last class of the Level 1 course.  I have learned so much from these past four weeks, but I also acknowledge that I have a lot of practicing to do as well!

For our last class, we were able to make decorate our cake in any way we wished, as long as we used techniques we had learned in our class.  I had no idea what to put on my cake at first, but then I realized that I would make a birthday cake, because my friend's birthday is this week!

I started with buttering my pans, and then dusting them with flour.  This helps ensure a proper crust forms on the cake, and that it will come out of the cake pans without breaking.

I used the Devil's Food Cupcakes recipe for my cakes, and it worked wonderfully! I increased the bake time to 28-32 minutes, and they came out perfect.

After my cakes cooled, I leveled them, and then added my filling.  I used butterscotch icing as my filling, and then topped it with crunchy and delicious Skor bits! So good! Yum, I wanted to scoop a section out right here. No-one would have noticed, right?

Then I added the second layer, and iced it all up with plain white buttercream icing.

After I had my cake all iced and ready to go, I made up my icing for the decorations.  I didn't realize that you would need so many different consistencies and colors to decorate a simple cake, I think I need more couplers!

After learning how to make 'ribbon roses' and perform simple writing, I tackled my canvas.  It is stressful attacking a smooth and white cake!  I think it turned out pretty good in the end, especially considering those are the first roses I have ever made!

After I brought it home came the best part, the taste testing! 

This cake was delicious.  I loved how the butterscotch icing tasted with the chocolate cake, and the slightly crunchy Skor bits added a fun element as well.

I can't wait to sign up for the next few Wilton classes, and see what else I can learn!

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